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Home improvement in the price of non-woven wallpaper and wallpaper non-woven environmental advantage


 Non-woven wallpaper environmental advantages:

1, natural plant fiber environmental protection at the end of paper: non-woven wallpaper at the end of the use of natural environmental protection at the end of paper, material from the real plant fiber, non-woven wallpaper so easy to breathe, highly breathable, weathering prominent material.

2, fine flocking fibers: the use of classic non-woven base, natural plant fiber non-woven technology made of more powerful, high-end materials, new technology, three-dimensional feel better comfort feel.

3, the impact of visual beauty: classic all kinds of plain, stripes, carved, geometric lines, extended space, all types of units are applicable, the use of aesthetic modeling, visual effects from the spatial zoom, small size can have large space design.

4, the quality of the details: a good tensile strength of the wallpaper, not easy Alice, tearing, construction is more convenient, beautiful, and wallpaper will not shrink, will not cause patchwork was opened. Breathable wallpaper can be a good performance in a timely exchange of humidity, as will breathe. Wallpaper itself is not easy moldy, beneficial to human health.

5, with decoration: can be used with the living room TV backdrop, bedroom, study the whole house, porch corridor background paste, sofa backdrop. Wallpaper with its modern minimalist and classic European-style aesthetic combination of gorgeous and natural elegant encounter, easy to create a simple European style.

A good non-woven wallpaper will bring a very clean and simple wall feeling, but there is no lack of rich texture texture; We in the complex life slow down, patiently experience every detail of life.