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Haining Yikang Textile Co,.Ltd

YIKANG purpose:To cause sincerity, justice and benefit symbiotic

● Fair competition, open cooperation and leading science and technology, creating value for the industry;

● Like-minded, mutual trust and mutually beneficial strategic cooperation, to create value for the supply and marketing;

● Protect the environment, save resources, pay taxes honestly, create employment, support public welfare, and create value for society.


YIKANG Spirit: unity, enterprising, realistic and innovative

● Unity: people do their long, carry out their duties; mutual help each other, mutual understanding.

● Aggressive: fear of competition, the courage to win; fear challenge, the courage to go beyond.

● Truth-seeking: honest people, practical work; the final analysis, seek truth from facts.

● Innovation: bold vision, excellence; careful confirmation, with each passing day.


YIKANG Style: three real four strict

● Three real

To tell the truth, do practical, pragmatic.

● Four strict

Strict decision-making, strict discipline, strict implementation, rewards and punishments.

YIKANG Innovation concept: full innovation and comprehensive innovation

● To cultivate the sense of ownership of the staff, to encourage employees to create passion, to stimulate the creative ability of employees, respect for employees to create results.

● And constantly improve the technology and product innovation leadership, market and sales of innovative forward-looking, operational and service innovation efficiency, management and mechanism of scientific innovation.


YIKANG Talent view

● The courage to take responsibility,

● Willing to service cooperation,

● Good self-conscious,

● Diligent in performance innovation.